Thursday, January 20, 2011

Writing Hurts

In the office today, trying to push out some writing. Feels like a breech birth of an eight legged bull calf. Hoofed and horned. Painful stuff. Do they do C-sections for uncooperative words?

Here's a completely unrelated photo of a moose and calf on Isle Royale NP because blogs need photos and this is one of the few non-graphic birth-related images I have.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who needed 2010 anyway?

So, 2010 is gone. History. In fact, the entire decade is behind us now. Let's not linger. The fact that I didn't post once last year? Well, let's not dwell on that either, okay? Deal?

In full confession mode now. I'm a stay at home papa trying to figure out the balance of work that pays money, and work that pays runny noses, sleepless nights and the joy of watching a toddler stomp snow. The blog just doesn't seem so important. Many things from the past decade don't seem so important.

The next decade is beginning nicely. There is interesting professional work on the horizon, and even more cool toddler events in the near future as well. Maybe I'll even blog about them.

Here's to a a new decade!