Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nuclear Family

It's that time of year again. Sweater vests and pretty red dresses. Family photo time. Blah.

We have good kids. As good of kids as a guy like me could ever really expect to have I guess.

There's J. The big boy.
And Smiley, the happy little baby girl.

But something goes terribly wrong when we try to get them together for pictures. Two equally loved, positively charged little Peterson particles, and when they are forced together on the same couch for photos...

We get something along the lines of fusion. Not cold fusion either. Genuine, hellfire-hot fusion.

An uncontrolled release of energy of a magnitude to shame the sun. Look at all those reds: sweater, dress, couch...face! J is in full meltdown and Smiley is feeling the heat, starting to slump even.

That's life in our nuclear family.

PS--I don't choose the sweater vests, I just take the pictures.

Aaron Peterson is a photographer and writer based near Marquette and Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  For more of his work visit

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