Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recent Work: Marquette County Visitors Guide

Night biking under Northern Lights, Marquette, Michigan
The new Marquette County CVB visitors guide features some of my work. I've partnered with the fine folks that promote travel in the Marquette region as they rebrand this year. You can view the whole darn Marquette County visitors guide here.

The rebranding is spot on as the Marquette region and Upper Peninsula in general evolves. They asked me to provide images of an outdoor lifestyle, one where humanity and nature mesh seamlessly, as is the case in this great region of woods and water. Sure there are the usual dining shots, museums and big events too, but the whole works is underpinned by the theme of reconnecting to your human nature. Your tough, independent, nature-loving inner Yooper.

It's nice to get work. It's even nicer when your work is used in a way that mirrors the way you feel about the world, especially since this is where I live and work. I care deeply about the Upper Peninsula and the Marquette region and it's good to see the type of work I've been doing for a decade line up with how the region evolves in promoting itself.

The Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior region is like no other. It has an undeniable role in the physical, mental and spiritual well being of folks who live and visit here. It has economic value beyond the resources buried beneath it or growing above it.

This particular image was created in October 2011 during an intense display of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). A buddy and I had headed out just north of the city of Marquette for some night riding and a few photo experiments I had wanted to try for awhile. I was bummed when the image concepts I had in mind weren't working because the sky was being blown out by what I thought was light pollution from town.

Not so. It was aurora activity that was invisible to the naked eye, but as it grew in intensity over a two hour period priorities changed from my original concepts to one of HUSTLE to capture the insane overhead display.

This is at night. On a 50 foot rock cliff. Riding bikes. Stupid? Probably. Unique? Certainly.

This was the best display of aurora I've probably ever seen. It wasn't really forecast. I wasn't there to shoot it. It just all worked out. My only regret is that I didn't stop sooner and just enjoy the free fireworks.

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