Thursday, November 6, 2008

For Sale

There's a constant ebb and flow of goods and services washing through the community bulletin boards and classified ads (we even have a Yooper Craigslist!) in our small town. It's one of my favorite spices in what an outsider may consider a bland stew of rural, small town life.

So, from time to time I'm going to share a taste of the local buy-sell economy from my little slice of the world.

Here it goes:

Guns. There are always guns for sale. Or even guns wanted. They are as much a part of our culture as bread and butter (or Busch Light and large trucks). However, some are more interesting than others, as seen in this recent ad. Two of these are semi-automatic assault-style rifles designed primarily for self defense (or self offense).

But the last one is a muzzleloader, like a new-fangled version of Danny Boone's thunderstick. I found it interesting that there was an assault rifle, with no less than 800 rounds of ammunition, for sale alongside a rifle that shoots one bullet, then must be filled with powder and a new bullet pushed down the front of the gun before it can fire again. Two very different concepts.

But the fact that they are all for sale, means to me that one of my neighbors has now probably upgraded to a tank.

Maybe you're wondering what someone would do with a semi-auto assault rifle and 800 rounds of ammunition. Which leads us to...

Animals: there are ALWAYS animals for sale or to give away to a good home (and a well armed one). This week we have free kittens.

It's one stop shopping. It's a win-win. Two birds with one stone. Three kittens with one...HK91.

Also, notice that poor Fido has gone missing. Hmmm, better count your AK47 shells prior to purchase; there may only be 799.

The reward money is $300, and that's nearly enough for another assault rifle. Did they specify what shape man's best friend was to be returned in?

Disclaimer: I love animals; I also own firearms. This is all in fun.

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