Monday, February 23, 2009

Inching toward Spring

What an amazing, beautiful...and bountiful winter. I've shoveled the snowbanks twice so far this season so we could see out the front windows. I also shoveled the roof once, and that time was able to climb up a snowbank to get on the roof. This weekend we received over three feet of snow, and I spent around 4.5 hours removing that snow. Ah, the good life. Here's a note from our local weather service office:

“…over 200 inches of snow has now fallen for this winter season at the NWS office located in Negaunee township. The average snowfall we can typically expect to have received through this date is 126.2 inches. While it is not uncommon for our office to receive over 200 inches of snow, it is uncommon to receive that much snow by this date. In fact, this marks only the third time at least 200 inches of snow has been recorded by the NWS through February 22nd."

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