Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life with Chickens: Part 1

So, we have chickens. Not really a big deal anymore, seems like everybody does these days. But life with chickens (and toddlers) is just so darn fun I had to share. Who needs TV?

For those that care about these sorts of things, we have a flock of five Barred Rock hens that give us plenty of eggs. Plenty of exercise too if you're in the "try and whack things with a stick" phase of your life (I just outgrew this, but J is picking up the slack). They are sweet, old-fashioned birds that know how to find their own food and keep out of harm's way. Unless of course, by finding food they end up in the veggies, flowers or sandbox in which case they are also in harm's way.

J is a helper. He likes to help with the eggs. He likes to help with the camera. Which unfortunately means he ends up helping with the compost too. Take a look!


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