Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recent Work-Adventure Kayak Photo Annual

Adventure Kayak magazine features some of my work in their annual photo issue that just came out. Adventure Kayak is one of those smart little publications that I love to work with. A hardworking, dedicated team of creative professionals finding a niche. 
Now, nobody is going to get rich (or even pay the bills) on a few images like these published in a small, niche magazine a few times a year. But for me, work like this is an enjoyable part of a larger puzzle that involves advertising shoots, print sales, writing and additional stock image sales. 
While the pay is not huge, I enjoy working with publications like Adventure Kayak and its sister publications (Canoeroots, Rapid, etc.) where you can still get to know editors, there's still time to chat about the activities and outdoor opportunities we love, which after all is the reason we're in this business. I like to think that this builds mutual respect and understanding, which means contributors get paid on time (usually :-) and know someone is actually going to read your emails and listen to your messages when you have an idea or a concern.
Here's to small publications, and little guys like me who appreciate them. Give 'em a read!
Oh yea, they are also kind of cutting edge with a couple digital versions of the magazine in addition to the gorgeous print version (still my preferred read).
You can check out the issue online at:

Or even download it and read it on your iPhone or iPad at:

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