Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday Waterfall: Wagner Falls...with the iPhone

Wagner Falls, Alger County, Michigan's Upper Peninsula
This is just a quick snap of the popular Wagner Falls along M-94 in Alger County, just outside Munising, Michigan. Just a quick pop with the iPhone, but representative of why the Upper Peninsula is such a great base camp for our family.

Here's the deal. With two little kids in the house things get nuts. Check that, things are ALWAYS nuts, it seems. So whenever possible I like to separate the two instigators and get some good one-on-one time. One of the easiest errands to do this on is, believe it or not, is the dump run. Yep, that's right, dump run. I load the truck up with household garbage and the nonstop stream of refuse that comes from remodeling our old farmhouse and head to the local landfill with my son. Along the way we pass fields, streams, wetlands, The North Country Trail, Valley Spur Ski and Bike Area, National Forest, etc. It gives us a chance to talk about all that stuff and get an important household task out of the way at the same time. Plus he's pumped to see bigazz trucks and the army of seagulls at the landfill (our version of angry birds).

On the way back we stop at one of several waterfalls in the Munising area so he can stretch his legs (code word for pee) and marvel at the natural wonders that are his Yooper inheritance (may be the only one he gets).

On another note, this was shot with my iPhone. I've been using it more. I like it. Not perfect, but it's always there. The best camera is the one you have folks. I wonder when we'll stop calling them phones? Since there's hardly any coverage in my piece of Michigan, it never gets used as a phone, mostly a camera or email machine. Will we ever just call them "i"?

Thanks for looking/listening!

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