Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lupines are Blooming!

Well, maple syrup season is long over but I still feel like a big dumb old tree with a sweet gooey center. Here’s to my wonderful wife on our 10th wedding anniversary.

Fifteen years ago a couple of kids hopped in a car and headed north in the rain for no reason other than to just be alone together for a day. They drove north as far as they could go in a day and ended up at Black River Harbor. Along the way they picked lupines growing wild in a ditch in front of an abandoned farmstead outside of Bessemer.

Ten years ago they joined each other for life in marriage and moved north to the Upper Peninsula to find themselves like they did those flowers a few years earlier.

Five years ago they found this old abandoned homestead near Chatham with lupines again growing wild in the old pastures. 

Lupines flower in their second season, and are all the more precious for it. Of all the stories I’ve been blessed to be a part of, this is still my favorite.

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