Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Work-Fantasy Islands

Just got my hands on the July/August issue of Midwest Living magazine. Last August I was asked to shoot the Republic Island Lodge, a small cabin retreat on an island in the Michigamme River near Republic here in the Central Upper Peninsula.

Working with the fine folks at Midwest Living is always a treat, but working with the great owner of the property, Cara Middleton and her family made it even better. In one short evening and an even shorter morning we were able to pull off the assignment under a tight deadline between paying guests.

It's funny, I consider myself a laid back guy, but wow, do I love stress and pressure. Makes you sharp and focused, eliminates distractions and forces you to use your gut. Give me a double scoop of pressure with stress frosting; I'll polish it off and pay the bill with crisp, fresh images.

Here are some shots from the island.

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